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24 October 2014 HOORAY! It's Friday!


24 October 2014 Maddie + Justin

Madison and Justin met as teenagers through mutual friends and pretty much hit it off instantly. A few road trips, playlists and positive pregnancy tests later, Madison and Justin were married. The decision to get engaged was more of a mutual decision to throw an awesome party with the people they love – ‘And of course, my own secret plot to bring my Pinterest boards to life!’ said Madison.

The couple went for a retro, DIY feel that was perfectly suited to their venue – The Holland Park Bowls Club, which hasn’t seen a refurbishment since it was built. Their décor included bright crotched rugs, vintage vases, colourful metal chairs (which they managed to hired for $1 each), hundreds of handmade pompoms and a massive collection of retro lounges.

‘We spent the evening playing barefoot bowls under strings of festoon lights, while catching up with all our awesome guests and eating yummy pizza,’ the couple said. ‘We couldn’t get over how relaxed we were and how easy it all felt. Speeches ended up barefoot, as did the dancing. After things wound up at the bowls club, we found ourselves at a local bar in our suit, gown and flower crown dancing on the tabletops. Hands down. Best.’


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23 October 2014 Perth StyleSesh with Stacey Clark Stylist

Saturday October 11 saw another wonderful StyleSesh workshop! This time we jetted over to Perth for DIY piñata and tassel garland making with Stacey Clark Stylist. If you missed it, you can recap the day, along with all the images, right here.

A big thank you goes out to our amazing photographer Still Love Photography, for taking the amazing snaps , and our videographer Ethan Ho Film & Photo, who created the film below!

If you like what you see, we’ve still got three more StyleSesh workshops happening before the year is up. Sydney, we’re coming for you next, with a wedding planning workshop on November 8 with After the Rock. Find out more here.

StyleSesh with Stacey Clark Stylist from Ethan Ho on Vimeo.

23 October 2014 Watermelon Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

Give your cones a fruity wardrobe makeover with these super-cute watermelon ice cream cone wrappers from Design Eat Repeat! They’re the perfect addition to any summer soiree or tropical celebration.

Note: The free printable is designed to fit a cone that is 4.5 inches in height and 1.75 in diameter (at the top circle opening). View the original post here.


10 minutes


Ages 8+


scissors | double sided tape | printable template | quality paper | waffle cones


  1. Print the downloadable template attached on 8.5 x 11 sized cardstock
  2. Cut out along edges
  3. Wrap around cones and secure with double sided tape


Fill your cones with a scoop of delicious ice cream and enjoy (after a few photos, of course)!


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23 October 2014 Aurelius' 1st Birthday

Stylish little Aurelius loves to wear handkerchief bibs and checkered shirts, so it was only fitting to have a Cowboys and Indians themed party for his 1st birthday.

The celebration was held in the family’s Melbourne city warehouse apartment, where 30 guests were invited to dress up and enjoy some of the cutest decorations we’ve seen. ‘I love how it’s so chic and stylish in urban Melbourne. Although it was a kid’s party it still felt really cool and dated,’ said Stylist, Winnie Q.

Old wooden crates were used on the lolly buffet to house the food and decorations. The sweet treats included horse and cow cookies, teepee waffle cones and a cowboy cake. Succulents were also added for a little colour and to give the table a ‘desert’ feel.

Cowboy hats were used to decorate the apartment, as well as some simple cow-print balloons, and the centrepiece for the party was a styled white teepee, which made a fun playhouse for the littler guests, and doubled as a great photo point.

We dare you not to smile with glee as you scroll through all the super cute details of this party. Are we too old for a Cowboys and Indians theme? We think not.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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22 October 2014 Toasted Coconut Pineapple Pina Colada

Whether you’re planning a baby shower, the birthday of a little person, or if you just need a non-alcoholic option for your next gathering, this Toasted Coconut Pineapple Pina Colada is as pretty as it is delicious.


15 minutes + cooling time


Ages 12+


1 Ripe Pineapple (skinned and pureed in a blender) | 500ml Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice | 200ml Coconut Water | 4-Tablespoons Dried Shredded Coconut | 1-Tablespoon Cane Sugar | Ice to serve


  1. Put the shredded coconut into a frying pan and place on low heat. Toast the shredded coconut (keep stirring with a spoon) until it turns slightly golden in colour.
  2. Turn the heat off. Sprinkle the cane sugar onto the shredded coconut and mix well. Set it aside to cool.
  3. Place the pineapple puree, orange juice, coconut water and ice into a 1.5 litre-capacity jar and mix well.
  4. Sprinkle with the coconut mixture and serve it in baby yellow-lidded mason jars.


Enjoy your yummy alcohol-free beverage. For more mocktail recipes pick up a copy of HOORAY! Issue 7 here.


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22 October 2014 Tea Time

So the big day is rapidly approaching and maybe you’re not exactly as organised as you thought you’d be at this point? You still haven’t finalised the florals, Auntie Marg and Aunite Betty had a fall out, so you have to re-jig the seating plan, and we won’t even get you started on the weather forecast for the day.

Well ladies, it’s time for you to take a few moments to stop and unwind. After all, stress is not your friend and you don’t want to loose out on the glow you deserve to have on your wedding day. Do you know what you really need? TEA!

We think you should set aside some ‘me-time’ before the wedding with a hot cup of goodness. Our fave tea brand at the moment has got to be The Seventh Duchess. They make the most delicious blends of loose-leaf tea and have a whole range dedicated to health and wellbeing.

We also discovered the sweetest little crockery label that we think you should get your hands on immediately. These teacups by Nest the Label are so seriously cute! They feature whimsical illustrations by Brigitte May and are sure to lift your spirits with every single cup.

But if you really want to get the most out of your ‘me-time’, here are a few herbal enhancements (found in your local health food store), that you can add to your cup of tea.


Lemon balm – helps reduce stress and restlessness.

Liquorice root – calms the mind and normalises adrenal levels.


Passionflower – clears those nasty butterflies. But if you’re pregnant, don’t use this one.

Lavender – reduces anxiety and promotes calm, while also aiding sleep and balancing hormone levels.

Can’t sleep?*

Valerian root – induces sleep and lowers blood pressure.

Hops – relaxing, sleep inducing and good for insomnia.

*don’t take sedative herbs while using sedative medications.

So take our advice, put the kettle on and hit the pause button to de-stress, clear the mind and ease those pre-wedding nerves.


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22 October 2014 A Chic Dinner Party

Grown-up dinner parties needn’t be stuffy and formal. Use our Style Guide tips, as seen in Issue 7 of HOORAY!, to design a simple yet sophisticated evening soirée.


2 hours


All ages


Pre loved wooden trestle table | white, bistro-style chairs | white card far menus and place cards | gold ink pens | fresh, colourful blooms | tea light candles | textured or patterned table runner | sculptural vessels | white dinnerware + flatware


  1. In this design, a pre-loved wooden trestle table provides an understated base upon which to build an elegant, fuss-free tablescape. Offset by crisp white bistro-style chairs, the design instantly has a stylish air.
  2. Simple white place cards on thick, good-quality paper stock – with guests’ names beautifully handwritten in gold ink – are an affordable, achievable and effortless option for organising the seating.
  3. Keep your colour palette subdued with creamy, natural hues. Add a few pops of colour using fresh blooms in vibrant pinks, oranges, yellows and greens.
  4. Tealight candles scattered randomly up the length of the table provide just the right amount of warm, ambient light that sets the perfect mood for a grown-up gathering.
  5. Practice restraint when recreating this design. A textural or patterned table runner adds extra interest and provides a base to build from, using sculptural vessels, crisp white dinnerware and high-quality flatware.

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21 October 2014 A Punk Rock Bridal Shower

If you’re looking to shake up your bridal shower, this is the shoot for you! The ‘Punk Rock’ themed garden tea party is quite the palette cleanser from your classic bridal shower. The shoot isn’t exclusive to edgy brides, because anyone thinking of a fun shower can draw inspiration from elements of this styling.

Stylist, Leah‘s, vision was to create a beautiful setting with an edge. She felt that tea parties and garden parties go hand in hand, and allow for lots of quirky details. ‘When I think of garden parties, I also think of tea parties, and I knew that incorporating the tea party element would give us a lot of additional fun and clever details to work with,’ Leah told us.

Our favourite feature of the shoot has got to be the stunning flower wall! Not actually flowers at all, Gina of Gina Paola Design, handmade the wall out of dyed coffee filters (so clever!). Gilded Lily Events arranged bunches of gorgeous fresh blooms to compliment the flower wall, using Garden Roses in tones of pink, purple and yellow.

These sweet colours were continued in the lolly buffet, with pink and yellow macaroons, tarts, and cheesecakes, showcasing a touch of traditional bridal shower design. The tableware also included pink glasses and gold cutlery, and of course, some very sweet and clever name cards made from tea bags full of glitter confetti.

We also love the custom made coasters that were printed with conversation starters like, “My advice for the bride to be…” with space for guests to handwrite – a great game for guests to play upon arrival.

So, if you’re after some cool ideas like the rest of us, then this styled shoot is where it’s at. Look through these pics and get inspired to do your bridal shower (or any kind of celebration centred around YOU, for that matter) a little differently.


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21 October 2014 Treats to Fill your Sweets Buffet

So you’ve made the excellent decision to have a dessert buffet at your party – kudos to you! Now all you have to do is fill it with wonderful things.

The best sweets buffets have a variety of treats to suit everyone’s taste and appetite. Desserts of all shapes, sizes and textures add interest, and keep your buffet from looking flat and dull.

The easiest way to achieve exactly what you’re after is to create it yourself! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite baking posts from our DIY library and posted them right here (with links back to the original recipes), conveniently in time for your celebration! Have a scroll through, click on the ones that tickle your fancy and don’t forget to wipe the drool off your keyboard.


Left Glazed Berry TartsRight Lamingtons

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