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31 October 2014 HOORAY! It's Friday!


31 October 2014 Lynna's Baby Shower

The baby shower to celebrate the impending birth of Lynna’s first child was a joyous occasion that perfectly matched her sunny outlook on life. Hosted at Lynna’s childhood home, it was an elegant affair shared with her closest family and friends. The space was adorned in shades of pink, cream and peach accented with hints of gold – the perfect palette to celebrate a little baby girl.

Conscious of ensuring the baby shower didn’t look like a wedding, the stylists Petals of Love scattered tiny, gold-dipped giraffes (Lynna’s favourite animal) around the space and incorporated them into the place cards as an extra personal touch. The stunning blooms included fresh arrangements of David Austin Roses, Ranunculus, Scabiosa, Anemone and Hellebores.

Check out this stunning celebration, as seen in Issue 7 of HOORAY!, below x

Lynnas Baby Shower - March 2014

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30 October 2014 Perth StyleSesh with Fox + Rabbit

On Sunday October 12, we held one bloomin’ good StyleSesh workshop in Perth with Rebecca from Fox + Rabbit. If you missed it, you can recap the day here.

Big love and hugs go out to all our sponsors, in particular our talented videographers Sam and Esther from Kairos Films, who created the film below, and our wonderful photographer CJ Williams for capturing the day perfectly.

If you like what you see, we’ve still got three more StyleSesh workshops happening before the year is up. Sydney, we’re coming for you next, with a wedding planning workshop on November 8 with After the Rock. Find out more here.

HOORAY! Magazine // STYLESESH with Fox and Rabbit from Kairos Films on Vimeo.

30 October 2014 10 Terrifying Movies for Halloween

If there was ever a time to toughen up and throw on a good old horror movie, it’s at Halloween – which, by the way, is tomorrow. So in light of the scariest night of the year, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most horrifying movies of all time (according to the HOORAY! team anyway).

Choose a movie from our list below, then grab some popcorn, invite your mates over and get ready to be terrified out of your brains!


Left: The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005): This movie revolves around a court case involving a priest who performed an exorcism on a young girl. The girl died and the police arrest the priest on suspicion of murder. But what they don’t realise is that there is MUCH more to her death. Oh, did we mention it’s based on a true story?

Right: The Exorcist (1973): We all know this classic – a teenage girl is possessed by a demon. Her mother seeks the help of 2 priests to save her. Lots of awful things happen. Arguably the scariest movie of all time.

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30 October 2014 Bridget + Laurence

Bridget and Laurence met for drinks with friends one night. They clicked straight away and before the end of the night Laurence had convinced Bridget to apply for a job at the Gambaro – the restaurant he worked at. She got the job, and the rest is history…

Laurence proposed when he took Bridget back to the Gambaro for one of their famous seafood platters. ‘He had gone to a lot of effort to get the ring to come out with my giant seafood platter; however, I was too excited about my [food] to notice. It was only when I saw Laurence on one knee that I had any idea what was going on,’ said Bridget.

When styling this comprehensively DIY wedding, Bridget and Laurence went for a desert winter theme, with influences from Mexico, Spain and South America. Cacti were prevalent, as were bold and colourful patterned prints in a spectrum of pink, purple and red with added pops of orange and gold. Warm festoon lighting created a cozy, convivial atmosphere and whitewashed deer antlers formed the centerpieces of the table arrangements. Native bougainvillea from Bridget’s parent’s farm added a splash of colour to the tables and ceramic crosses made by Laurence’s mum adorned the walls.

Other DIY elements included Mexican fabric napkins, the streamer garland, the photo booth backdrop, the pots, the wall hangings the signs and the rice holders. ‘We had a lot of help,’ said Bridget.

We can’t obsess enough over this ‘Latino’ inspired, DIY wedding. From the colours to the table décor, every element fits together perfectly to create one hell-of-a big fiesta.


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29 October 2014 Girl Time

A group of friends gather at a chic eatery for a decadent lunch of fresh, quality produce and cocktails – the perfect combination needed for some much-needed girl time.

For this lunch, the team at white+white weddings and events have used a palette of neutral hues with pops of plum, lilac and blue to achieve a rustic setting. They’ve filled shallow vases with fresh Hydrangeas, which are not only beautiful, but allow guests to easily chat across the table – essential for an intimate occasion like this.

The team used antique style silverware and vintage china for the table settings, complimented by old crystal classes, much like the ones your parents probably received on their wedding day (i.e. raid their cabinets).

Tea light candles were added for extra ambience and a simple centrepiece of fresh plums allowed for feast to shine in the spotlight. Which reminds us…how amazing does the food look?! Luckily, Chef de Cuisine Eileen Horsnell was willing to share one of her delectable recipes with us:




1kg tiger prawns (peeled with tail on) | 4 yolks | 1 whole egg | 1 tbsp dijon mustard | 1 tbsp white wine vinegar | 8 strands saffron | 1/3 bunch of dill (chopped finely) | 1-teaspoon salt and pepper | 500ml rice bran oil | 1 lemon (cut into cheeks)


  1. Build prawns up in a line on a plate making sure they are cleaned properly with blood vein removed. Place in refrigerator until ready to use.
  2. Soak the saffron strands in 2 tablespoons of water and set aside till cool.
  3. Place egg yolks, whole egg, mustard, vinegar and saffron with water into food processor and mix until fluffy.
  4. Start adding the oil in a slow constant stream; the mixture will start to thicken. Continue whipping until it has become thick and creamy.
  5. Remove mayonnaise from food processor and place in bowl. Season with salt and pepper then fold through dill.
  6. Remove prawns from fridge, place two large spoons of mayonnaise onto plate and garnish with lemon cheeks.


Enjoy with your closest girlfriends!


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29 October 2014 Love My Shop: Emiko Blue

Emiko Blue is a one-stop online boutique store, known for its enormous range of high-quality partyware, stationery and decor, sourced from all over the globe.

Emily Campbell, owner and founder of Emiko Blue, has a love and passion for beautiful aesthetics, so she personally choses and curates all of the products stocked in the store.

‘We sell everything from partyware to stationery, baking accessories and gorgeous decorations. We have everything covered for our customer’s celebration and hosting needs: ice cream tubs, treat boxes, party bags, candles, party hats, plates, confetti balloons and beyond,’ Emily told us.

‘We aim to deliver an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience at a time that suits our customers, whether they are at home with their children tucked up in bed, at the office or on the go. If it’s a pop of colour that our customers are after, a casual picnic in the park, sophisticated style or a sweet birthday table setting that will impress their guests, there is something for every occasion at Emiko Blue.’

Here at HOORAY! HQ we especially love their ‘shop by theme’ or ‘shop by colour’ options. Click on those and you have an incredible selection of categories and products to choose from. Then once you choose theme or colour scheme and your party is pretty much right there on the screen in front of you, ready to be purchased.

Emiko Blue stocks leading Australian designers such as Sambellina and Paper Eskimo, along with award-winning international designers Meri Meri, Martha Stewart Crafts and Talking Tables Belle & Boo, with new products being introduced all the time.

To view Emiko Blue’s extensive product range, head to their website here.


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29 October 2014 Virgin Lime + Lemongrass Mojito

Whether you’re planning a baby shower, the birthday of a little person, or if you just need a non-alcoholic option for your next gathering, this Virgin Lime + Lemongrass Mojito is as pretty as it is delicious.


15 minutes + cooling time


Ages 12+


1 Lemongrass Stalk (thinly sliced) | Rind of 3 Limes | Juice of 3 Limes | 4-Tablespoons Cane Sugar | 4 Cucumbers (peeled, deseeded and roughly chopped) | 15 Mint Leaves | 1 Litre Sparkling Mineral Water | (More mint leaves, thinly sliced cucumber and ice to serve)


  1. Place the cane sugar, lime juice, lime rind, and lemongrass in a saucepan over low heat and cook until the sugar is dissolved. Set the syrup aside to cool.
  2. Place the cucumber, mint leaves, and syrup into a blender and blend until smooth.
  3. Pass it through a sieve and into a 2 litre-capacity jar. Add the extra mint leaves, cucumber slices, ice, and sparkling mineral water.
  4. Serve immediately in green-lidded mason jars.


Enjoy your yummy alcohol-free beverage. For more mocktail recipes pick up a copy of HOORAY! Issue 7 here.


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28 October 2014 A Splendid High Tea

Pastel colours, pretty florals and vintage china established the tone for this delightful High Tea. Set in the courtyard of a beautiful secret garden, this styled shoot represents every little ‘girly’ girl’s dream party.

Stylists Lisa and Yolande from A Splendid Afternoon said that they wanted the shoot to have a feminine touch, with lots of special little details. ‘As you entered the secret courtyard you were captivated by the table setting, but also the detail of the surroundings. For example, the unique, handmade “Tea Party” banner, made from old book paper, ribbon, lace, twine and silk flowers. And the extra trimmings like birdcages, lanterns, the silver tea service and beautiful flowers,’ they told us.

The table was decorated with pressed table linen and the finest china, including tea cups, plates and cake tiers. There were even up-cycled tall glass bottles with beautiful handmade “drink me” labels attached. To drink the team served their special Old Fashioned Lemonade as well as hot beverages like traditional English Breakfast and Twinning Raspberry Herbal Tea, while the menu saw and array of club sandwiches, lamingtons, colourful macaroons, mini cupcakes, ginger kisses and scones with cream, jam and lemon curd.

After the High Tea, the girls decided to set-up a picnic on the lush green lawn. Lisa and Yolande hung up burlap bunting in the bushes and set out a vintage wool blanket with suitcases, baskets and crates. Here the girls sipped on soda, read stories and paraded around with a lace parasol – a blissful afternoon if we ever saw one.

So grab your little girl and take a look at these whimsical images, because we’re sure she’ll decide on a party just like this for her next birthday.


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28 October 2014 Floral Vial Place Cards

If there is one thing that will never, ever go out of style, it’s fresh blooms. We can’t get enough of them! So when we saw that Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel found another way to incorporate florals into celebrations, we just HAD to share it with you.


Glass vials | assorted flowers and branches (Ranunculus for the win!) | kraft paper | scissors | felt tip pen | fabric | twist-ties


  1. Trim your flower and branch stems and place them in the vial at various heights.
  2. Write your guest’s name on a piece of kraft paper and trim around the name.
  3. Cut a piece of fabric that is just bigger than the paper.
  4. Poke a hole through both the paper and fabric and thread the twist-tie through.
  5. Tie the name to the glass vial and you’re set!


Once the meal is over, let your friends take them home as favours. That’s right place cards AND favours. Winning!


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