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30 March 2015 Lauren + James' Engagement Video

Lauren and James met seven years ago at a charity ball in Brisbane. He was tall and quietly present, she was short and kind of loud – it was a match made in heaven. Their engagement party was the party of all parties, celebrated at a private residence in a playground of colour and fun.

Styled and planned by White+White Weddings and Events, Lauren and James’ engagement party was held in the midst of a balmy Queensland summer. A walkway constructed over the pool and floating floral arrangements greeted guests, while a chic circular bar with geometric paneling ensured guests remained sufficiently ‘jolly’ throughout the night. The outside verandas overlooking the Brisbane skyline were decorated with festoon lighting with Hamptons-inspired styling to provide a chill-out area for tired feet. Contemporary furniture and custom lighting inspired by geometrics (and hints of the couple’s signature ‘diamond’ motif) were included throughout the event to tie it all together.

To see more of what looks like the best party ever, pick up a copy of HOORAY! Issue 10 today!

Videography Purple Ribbon Weddings

30 March 2015 Meet a...Photographer: Caitlin May

Caitlin May is a professional photographer with extensive experience in the fashion and wedding industry. She’s also the amazing talent who shot our ‘Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours’ bridal editorial in Issue 10 of HOORAY!

We sat down with Caitlin to find out more about her work:


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30 March 2015 P is for Pinterest: Our Fave Finds

Happy Monday lovely people!

We hope you had a splendid weekend. Like always, here is our weekly Pinterest roundup. Hopefully it gets your creative juices flowing for the week and makes your Monday morning a little easier to cope with.

Which reminds us – are you following us on Pinterest yet? Simply click here to be taken to our page and click follow. Then you’ll have access to our 46 boards and 23,500+ pins, with new pins added every week. That’s a heck of a lot of celebration inspiration if you ask us.

Don’t forget to check out our dedicated Easter board in preparation for this weekend. There are plenty of fab Easter food and craft ideas that are sure to make your holiday better than ever before!

Enjoy x


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27 March 2015 HOORAY! It's Friday!


27 March 2015 Kids Birthday Party Activites

Don’t get us wrong, we love classic party games – pin the tail on the donkey, pass-the-parcel, musical statues and so on. But we also know that these activities can get a little stale, especially when they’re played at every second birthday. There’s only so many times a child can freeze at the drop of a hat.

So today, we’re here to give you a few super-fun ideas on how you can entertain the kids at your child’s next party. While they might require a more work than an Ipod and a couple of prizes, they’re sure to be a big hit amongst the little ones!


Photography by Photos by Jessica

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26 March 2015 Zesty Black Bean Dip

It’s no secret, Mexican is all the rage right now. We can’t keep up with the amount of Mexican-themed fiestas we’ve been eyeing off lately. So when Kent Street Deli came to us with a zesty Black Bean dip, of course we just HAD to share it. Serve it with corn chips at your next gathering, or simply enjoy with a good movie on a Saturday night!


5 minutes


Ages 14+


2 large garlic cloves | 1 jalapeno | ½ cup coriander | 2 cans black beans | 2 tsp cumin | 1 ½ tsp garlic salt | ½ tsp chilli powder | ¼ tsp black pepper | 1 ½ tbs lime juice | 1 tbs black vinegar | 1/4 Tsp of Oregano | Pinch of salt | 2 to 4 tbs water


  1. Place garlic, jalapeno and coriander in a bowl food processor. Process until finely chopped, scraping down sides halfway through.
  2. Add the remainder of ingredients, blending until smooth, adding additional water one tablespoon and a time (if necessary) until preferred consistency is reached. Taste and adjust seasonings as desired.
  3. Garnish with coriander. You can also add a little cheddar cheese and sprinkle with diced tomatoes for colour.


Serve as a dip with corn chips.


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26 March 2015 Chocolate Egg Shooters

Have you checked out our ‘Feaster’ feature in Issue 10 of HOORAY! yet? There’s plenty of recipe inspiration for this year’s Easter feast, like Beetroot and Salmon Gravlax, and Spinach and Feta Filo Pie. YUM!

We also suggested chopping off the top of your chocolate Easter eggs and enjoying them after lunch with your fave shooter! Such a neat idea, right? Well, today we’re here to give you a few ideas on some different shots that would work perfectly inside these little chocolate delights. Just remember to chill the eggs first and enjoy them quickly, or else you’re going to have quite a mess on your hands…literally.


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26 March 2015 Easter Floral Arrangement

Kimberley from Badlands & Co. shows us how to make a fun and colourful Easter table arrangement. The look is unstructured and natural with groupings of yummy bright blooms!


30 minutes


Ages 14+


Vase/vessel of your choice | Snips | Water | Flowers and foliage | Cumquats | Pepper corn | Amaranthus | Geranium | Dahlias | Garden roses | Gapanthus


  1. Fill your vessel with water.
  2. Prep all your flowers. Strip the leaves off the stems so there is no loose leaves going into water. If you can forage from the garden, then do!
  3. Start with basing up your vase. I used the cumquats, geranium, pepper corn and amaranths. Basically all the foliage based materials. This will give you a good base to start with and help the flowers to sit where you need them too.
  4. Start placing your blooms within the vase. The look I used for this arrangement was more grouped. If you look closely you can see that there are small groupings of each bloom. This gives it a modern feel to it. You will find if you spread things around too much you will come out with more of an old fashioned vibe. Do not over think this part. Its often the case that the more you think, the more you struggle. If you put a flower in the wrong spot, just move it!
  5. Keep an eye on your levels. Some blooms/foliage look better when higher or lower than others. This also creates depth, which make it interesting to the eye!
  6. Just have fun with it! Its your arrangement so there is no right or wrong way!


Place it in the centre of your Easter tablescape.


If you wish, you can put a capful of bleach into the water. This will ensure that the water stays clearer for longer.


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25 March 2015 The Art of The Chocolate Board

Easter – ‘tis the season of chocolate. And what better way to finish off your Easter lunch than with a decadent chocolate platter! Hadn’t thought of that had you? Our good friends at Dan the Man are back one last time to show us how to put together a cracking chocolate platter to compliment your Easter feast:

To put a Dan the Man chocolate platter all you need is strong wrist for breaking the chocolate and some mountain building skills.


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25 March 2015 Vendor: Purple Ribbon Weddings

Introducing Purple Ribbon Weddings, a Melbourne based videography specialist dedicated to capturing your big day in the highest quality with the latest equipment.

What started as a group of young friends making films together in the suburbs of Melbourne is now a team of 18 passionate filmmakers, producers and content creators. Based in Melbourne and London, they work across both PurpleRibbon and their commercial arm, PurpleMonky.

‘We make wedding films that capture real moments of someone’s special day,’ says Director Steven Jackson. ‘They are contemporary, natural, timeless, ‘non-cheesy’, emotive, but most importantly, real.’

The PurpleRibbon team believe strongly in culture, team, family, passion, and of course, enjoying themselves in everything they do, describing their style as intimate, natural and candid, with a creative flare. ‘We take a very simple approach to our editing style which guarantees our videos remain timeless. Filming in our low key and unobtrusive style ensures our couples can relax and enjoy their day, without a camera getting in the way,’ says Steven.

Because the key to a great video is not just a great filmmaker or a great couple, but the connection and experience that comes from sharing in the fun and excitement of a couple’s special day. And that’s what PurpleRibbon are all about – making sure they develop that relationship with each and every couple they work with to deliver a film that goes well beyond their expectations.

But enough chit-chat! It’s time to let their films speak for themselves. If you’ve got an upcoming wedding, engagement or general celebration that you’re thinking of getting professionally filmed, head to the PurpleRibbon website and contact them today.

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